Lay Leadership

Leaders for 2016

Lay Leadership

  • Julie Broyan
  • Bonnie Farver
  • Katherine Gearhart


  • Tom Frace
  • John McMurtie
  • Bonnie Farver, Beverly Frace

Pastor Parish Relations Committee (Hetlerville representatives)

  • Beverly Frace
  • Julie Broyan
  • Tom Frace

Council Chair – Patty Waltman

Secretary – Bonnie Farver

Lay Leader – Patty Waltman

Safe Sanctuaries – Bev Frace

Lay Member to Annual Conference – Shawn Stair (Mifflinville UMC)

Alternate Lay Member to Annual Conference – Brad Eroh (Mifflinville UMC)

Treasurer – Mindy Whiteknight

Auditor – Jamie Kowalski

PPRC Chair – Shawn Stair


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